Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

DropShipping is still a popular model for entrepreneurs getting into e-Commerce, especially due to it's low start up costs and easy ability to get set up. 

But, for many, finding a niche, products and setting everything up can be difficult or time consuming. Luckily, you can find pre-made DropShipping stores for sale, as well as getting sites set up for you. 

This can save even more time, with the ability to pick up pre-made websites, filled with products, that can be ready to go in just a few hours. Or, for those with a little more time, and cash, custom dropshipping stores can also be an option. Today we will dive into where to find a dropshipping store for sale, and rough estimates on how much they cost. 

What Is DropShipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which ecommerce entrepreneurs sell products without having to carry any inventory. When a store owner receives an order from a customer, they simply contact the supplier, who will then ship the products directly to the customer’s door. 

How dropshipping works

The DropShipping Model

Apps such as Oberlo or AliDropShip allow everyday people to build their own flourishing store, without needing to understand coding or how to build websites. 

Dropshipping is the perfect business model for new ecommerce entrepreneurs. It’s simple to set up and manage, and it doesn’t require a large up-front investment. You can also run your dropshipping business in your spare time – you don’t need to quit your job to start a successful store.

Custom Built vs Pre-Built Stores

When it comes to dropshipping, there are two main types of stores: pre-built and custom-built. Pre-built stores are shops that have been created and then put on sites as a ready to go out of the box product, while custom-built stores are built for you, from scratch.  Each type of store has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pre-built stores are a great option if you’re looking for a ready-made solution that doesn’t require any design or development work. All you need to do is choose a niche, usually from a list of stores that the seller owns, and then add your own payment methods. Because the work has already been done for you, pre-built stores are typically cheaper than custom-built stores. They also require less setup time, as you don't have to find products, think about logos, domains or even a niche. 

Whereas custom builds offer a lot more flexibility and customisation, they are designed to be built from the ground up, taking into account your requirements, niche choices and of course desires. These stores typically have a much longer lead time, so you may have to wait days, weeks or even months to get access too. 

Of course, you also have 'up and running' stores that people are actively running, but want to sell, but we will treat these like Pre-Built stores, as in reality, they are. 

Where To Buy Pre-Built DropShipping Stores

As previously mentioned, pre-built stores are either store templates, that have been filled with 'winning products', usually within a particular niche (though they can also be general stores) or they are websites and stores that have traffic and are already doing business. 

A lot of the following websites will contain both of these. For those with no traffic (or simply are not live yet) they are called starter stores and if the website has traffic and sales, then they will offer that information up. 


Possibly one of the most well known marketplaces for buying and selling websites, Flippa offers a lot in terms of websites for sales. They have a dedicated marketplace just for DropShipping websites. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 2 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

They offer everything from starter stores, to websites with $$$'s in monthly profit, you can find pretty much anything on here that takes your fancy. 

Each listing will provide you details such as

  • Site Age
  • Monthly Profit (if any)
  • Profit Margin
  • Page Views
  • Traffic
  • Niche

Some will require proof of funds to actually see, though these are usually highly profitable and well established sites. It's always worth doing your due diligence on every website, and see if it fits within your requirements.


It may come as a surprise, but eBay has such a variety of listings, including websites and dropshipping stores. The majority of the stores are starter or beginner stores, with no traffic or sales. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 3 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

A lot of the stores are copy and pasted templates with different products added in, and many of them don't come with a domain, or they will come with a low quality domain such as .xyz or .shop.

But, you can pick up a bargain, if you are willing to spend a little time in finding your own domain and asking them to set it up there. For example you can find stores for as low as $15, that include lifetime access to premium themes, plugins and products all ready to go. 

AliDropShip Premium Store

AliDropship actually have a number of different variations on stores for sale, their Premium Store offering is essentially the same as a starter site from other marketplaces. 

Though they are more expensive than starter stores, as these are based on websites that have proven products on them that sell. For example, rather than purchasing a starter store filled with random products from a niche, AliDropship look at websites and stores that are turning over $$$'s per month and take a copy of the inventory. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 4 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

They have 9 different stores that can currently be copied, covering a wide variety of niches (from car accessories to hair and beauty). For the price you get; 

  • Free AliDropShip Plugin
  • Store theme
  • Exact copy of a profitable store (Including Products)
  • Product pages, photos and descriptions 

This is a cheaper option, or alternative option to the custom offer they also have or the full website they also have for sale, which we will explore further down. 

Empire Flippers

Usually seen as the high quality version of Flippa, even though they have no relationship, Empire Flippers is a website marketplace. It specialises or focuses on established, high end websites. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 5 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

The majority of the websites you will find here are profitable websites, bringing in $$$'s in profit each month. As such, the price for these websites are a lot higher than other sites such as Flippa or eBay. 

You will find that these sites usually have established brands, stores and even multiple selling avenues (Amazon, eBay) included as part of the sale. You can find a lot of information on these sites, including possible revenue growth opportunity, risks, skills or additional work required (such as employees or having to manually deal with orders) as well as a host of other content. 

If you are serious about purchasing a ready built, already established dropshipping site, then Empire Flippers is a great place to explore. 

Shopify Marketplace (Exchange Marketplace)

A hidden gem, as for some reason Shopify doesn't really talk about that often. Exchange Marketplace is a whole marketplace dedicated to promoting and selling Shopify based websites. 

The types of websites on offer range from established websites, bringing in a monthly profit, to starter stores with little to no sales. There is also a huge variety in terms of pricing, some being sold at around 10x monthly profits, whereas others are upwards of 50x revenue (which in my opinion is quite high). 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 6 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

Personally I find that a lot of the stores or websites for sale are lower quality than you may find on other sites. With a large majority of them being quite expensive, and a much higher multiplier than you may find with other marketplaces.

The only blessing is that you can easily transfer the Shopify store from one owner to another, considering it's dealt with by the Shopify team. 

AliDropShip Established Stores

The flip side to AliDropShip Premium Stores, is their established store marketplace.

The marketplace is full of websites built on the AliDropShip plugin. Acting a lot like the Exchange Marketplace that Shopify runs, the stores range from brand new sites, to high 6 figure websites. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 7 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

There are multiple niches on offer, with differing degrees of sales per month, from just a few $$$'s up to $500k per month. 

Each store comes with additional information and data, explaining the numbers behind them, including;

  • Benefits
  • Device Stats
  • Localisation & Audience Stats
  • Social Media & Ads Information

Every store comes with a free consultation, essentially designed to see if you are the right person to purchase the store. These stores are not going to be cheap, considering they are up and running, plus are earning money every single month. 

Where Find A Custom Built DropShipping Store

Custom stores should always be built to your specifications and based upon questions or points that you have given. They may use template themes or plugins as the bones of the site, but the niche, name, logos etc should all be based upon a consultation and request. 

Of course, you will have to pay more for this, as the store is not just a copy and pasted clone of a slightly different store, this is a bespoke store 


This website can be argued either way, it can be seen as offering custom stores, or perhaps a pre-built store. They are built for you, but they are built off of a template. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 8 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

They provide you with a number of 'baseline stores' or niches that are proven to be popular, and they then customise the store for your brand. In a way this could be seen as best of both worlds, as you can at least get a store up and running in around 9 or so days. 

There is no 'creation price' for these stores, but you do need a SellVia subscription, which is charged annually. So worth keeping it in mind. 


This isn't going to be the top of everyone's list, Fiverr is known as a cheap marketplace, with potentially low quality gigs, but that's not always the case. 

Fiverr has transformed itself over the years into more than just tons of $5 offerings. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 9 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

You will find a vary degree of gigs, from simple $50 custom stores setups with maybe 1 or 2 products ready to go, to full on $3000+ gigs that will create 15 - 20 product stores built on simple and easy to use platforms such as Shopify

The beauty of Fiverr is that you can look through other peoples reviews and ratings, on occasion you can see the stores or images of websites that where created. 

AliDropShip Custom Built

As you can tell, AliDropShip offer a few different styles of stores to meet basically everyone's needs. The custom built stores are no different, once again with a variety of options on offer. 

I have spoken about their custom built stores before, looking into the different packages and how they compare. AliDropShip offer; 

They also have the 'Supreme Package', for those who really want everything done for them, with 000's of products ready to be sold from the outset. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale 10 Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale

Each package comes with a varying degree of products set up and ready to go, with the Basic package providing 50 and the Supreme giving you 500. AliDropShip custom package team will help with niche research, product choices and of course domains etc. 

The custom packages are really useful for those who are unsure about how to get started, and need a helping hand with finding the right niche and products. 

Where To Find A DropShipping Store For Sale - Conclusion

And there we have it, a variety of places to find a dropshipping store for sale, including custom made and templated stores. 

What you decide to get will largely depend on your budget, and any time constraints that you have. Always do your research, check out reviews, past customers and see what others have to say.

Also keep in mind that you ultimately still have to run the store, they may be setup and ready to go, but you will need to drive traffic, either via SEO or Paid Ads etc. If you are unsure, check this out, it covers everything to do with building and growing your own DropShipping store.