Top 5 Shopify Themes For Converting Visitors

When it comes to Shopify themes, conversion is King and looking amazing is Queen, that's why you need to find a Shopify theme that helps you balance these out. 

I want to share with you my Top 5 Shopify themes, they include themes built by Shopify Gurus, as well as themes designed and built by some of the best selling theme designers on the web.

So enjoy, you can't go wrong with these.


eCom Turbo is a Shopify theme that comes with fantastic and elegant customization options and several features that boosts sales. eCom Turbo gives you the opportunity to add a lot on your shop homepage, separate products pages, and checkout pages; all these will enable you to have a uniform and corresponding style all through the web pages.

eCom Turbo provides you with everything you need; you won’t have to search for any required Shopify Apps.

eCom Turbo is embedded with exceptional features for customization and sales-boosting features such as Popups, Coupon Codes, Discount, Scarcity Timers, Call-to-Actions, Trust Badges, Ad to Cart and Customer Testimonials. Every one of these elements is tested and trusted, they work efficiently to achieve excellent conversion through elements that do not overlap or conflict but empower one another.

eCom Turbo Theme


  • Full Custom Homepage: You can have the homepage designed to fit your store perfectly, you can choose to change the colour of your titles and prices.
  • Conversion Boosters: Saves you the option of buying Shopify apps, such as timers, sales popups and countdown for promotions
  • Very Fast Loading: Stores that have a loading time of 3 seconds and above lose more than 40% of sales. eCom Turbo was designed with tremendous speed.
  • Designed by Frankling Hacthett, a guru in the Shopify/DropShipping realm.

eCom Turbo gives every one of its users access to the membership platform where they’ll be able to see videos on how to set up the theme, also free training and forever free theme support.

If you haven't checked out the in depth review of eCom Turbo, I recommend reading that as well!


Dropshipping in the eCommerce world has been on a consistent rise in the space of a short time, and people making use of Dropshipping earns cool money. It might also be your most likely chance to make money online. Starting Dropshipping business can pose a significant challenge, and many people have given up along the way because of lack of gain. The only reason could be because their store is not well optimized to convert sales.

All these reasons are why Shoptimized is the perfect recommendation for your Dropshipping business. Shoptimized is optimized with features for urgency, scarcity, authority and social proof. This theme provides you with all elements that undoubtedly boost your Dropshipping sales.

Shoptimized enhances your Dropshipping Shopify store ability to persuade and manipulate people to buy from your store. A fast Dropshipping Shopify store is critical for your viewer's experience. The faster your pages load, the more its flooded with traffic. Shoptimized ensures the noticeability of your Dropshipping store. It is mobile friendly and fully customizable.

Top 5 Shopify Themes For Converting Visitors 2 Shopify Theme


  • End-To-End E-commerce: Perfectly built e-commerce business for enterprise companies and all elements needed are inbuilt, no extra spending.
  • Scalability & Performance: Strong API infrastructure that increases conversions through a Personalized user experience based on Machine Learning
  • Professional Appearance: A lot of Drop shippers make use of free themes which limits their originality. Shoptimized doesn’t come for free, but with it, you will have the professional appearance that will take your business to the peak.
  • Integrated Analytics & Marketing: Ensures a perfect Unified approach for growth through analytics and best ROI on ads.

Building any Dropshipping store is easy, but you don’t want to create any Dropshipping store, because, not all Dropshipping store converts. To build a Dropshipping store that converts and increase your income, Shoptimized is an excellent option.


Mobila is made up of four pre-built website designs, and all these designs give you the best options to create a fantastic e-commerce Shopify store. Mobile provides access to quickly build online stores that sell products such as clothing, wine, tea and fashion accessories. All the modes have the option for a full-width video display on your website’s homepage, and this gives you the opportunity to welcome your visitors with a perfectly engaging video about your brand.

Other information such as the brand’s history, its best products and every other important item that might be of interest to your visitors can be displayed on the rest of the homepage. A click on a product will take the visitors through various available items. Customers will have a smooth preview and more information about any item with a quick shop button while they remain on the current page.

Customers that do not require more information about a product can check out the individual page which comes complete with a related products section.

Several other useful features of Mobila Shopify theme include social media integration with an Instagram feed widget, a customizable sidebar, and Disqus powered blog comments.

Mobila have layouts that are excellently designed to give users an ideal Shopping experience. The Mobila Shopify theme ensures a mobile responsive store just as the name implies.

Top 5 Shopify Themes For Converting Visitors 3 Shopify Theme


  • Full-Width Homepage Video: the perfect first contact with your visitors to flawlessly engage them about your brand.
  • Disqus Blog Comments: provides an excellent blog experience with avatars and social sign in.
  • Multi-Level Menu: A multi-level drop-down menu for easy store navigation.
  • Product Page gallery and Video: display your products in detail with zooming, high-resolution images, and video clips
  • Customizable Sidebar: This feature allows easy collection of specific details

The downside to themes such as Mobilia is that everyone is using it. Without spending a lot of time customising every single aspect, you don't stand out from the crowds. You are also missing the additional apps that you get with the other two both eCom Turbo and Shoptimized.


Ella is the perfect Shopify store for stylish fashion and apparel business. With Ella, you have a Homepage design with a large banner section that enables you to display your best and attention-grabbing products. You also have the options to include a grid display of your latest products, collection info sections about trending items, new products, and your photos feed directly from Instagram. Ella comes with pre-built layouts and an impressive mega menu builder. That allows you to have additional content to your drop-down menus, including the product images and photos. It also has a lookbook feature to create a large banner image and introductory text and custom product collections. With various exceptional templates and layouts, adding a blog to your store becomes effortless. A perfect template for FAQ and answers is also available.

Making use of Ella gives additional features such as shopping cart menu that makes it easy for shoppers to store up products for easy accessibility when they are ready to make a purchase. Also, you’ll have a perfectly customized newsletter popup option integrated with email marketing services like MailChimp.

Ella is designed with large responsive web design which gives your customers a perfect consistent appearance. Irrespective of the device they use, they’ll be able to shop at your online store any day and any time. Ella offers the best for fashion and clothing related products. Try out the online demo to verify.

Top 5 Shopify Themes - Ella


  • Responsive Design: the designs are optimized for all screen resolutions.
  • Mega Menu Module: you have the option for an extended menu, Mega Menu Module enables you to add to the Menu, new sections for image banners, videos, paragraph text, static block, etc.
  • Flexslider – Image Slideshow: this allows free customization of the transition effect. Timing and moving at homepage in the most impressive way.
  • Customer Reviews: integrated with product review apps which enables you to interact with your customers on how to improve the products.
  • It is stupidly cheap for the quality of theme..


Parallax comes with a bold and significant design that is perfect for stores that want to promote their products and build their brand. You will be enabled through different sections available on parallax to have a unique background image that displays your product or tell its story. Also, the navigation of your customers on your store is followed by a stunning movement and appearance of images through the parallax scrolling effect. The Parallax Shopify theme allows you choose impressive selection from the pre-built sections. You have the full access to add extracts from blog posts to the homepage layout, add custom text and image layouts that display your brand’s story, display featured products and logos of companies you are in partnership with.

Making parallax Shopify theme your choice opens you up to the most amazing contemporary e-commerce store techniques and features. Your customers can easily filter the search to enable them to spend less time on product search and there is a shopping cart that allows them add products they are willing to buy to a shopper basket for easy accessibility afterward.

Top 5 Shopify Themes Parallax


  • Disqus Blog Comments: Provides a spectacular blog experience with avatars and social sign in.
  • Parallax Effect: Create an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page.
  • Full-width Homepage Video: with a full-width video, tell the perfect story of your brand.
  • Multi-level Menu: A multi-level drop-down menu for customer’s easy navigation through your store.
  • Promotional Banner: Promotes the latest sale, discount at the top of your store’s homepage and promotions.

Top 5 Shopify Themes - conclusion

Whichever theme you decide to go for, it's important to constantly test page layouts, category set-ups and apps to ensure you are constantly finding new ways to increase your customer conversions. 

If you are looking to find new products or marketing advice, then check out our DropShip Spy review or check out our Must Have Apps for Dropshipping.

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