CB Passive Income Review

Affiliate marketing via funnels or email lists is not a new strategy, and to be fair neither is the CB Passive Income system, it has been around for years and it was one of the reasons I wanted to do a CB Passive Income Review because of it's age. 

It's well into it's 5th or 6th iteration and is probably one of the longest running 'business in a box' style products out there. 

Businesses and influencers use affiliate marketing strategies to monetise their websites and the content they produce.

One of the programs that offers these tools to buyers is of course CB Passive Income. It promises those who register for the course a get rich quick way to passive online earning. Its target audience is people who are looking to make a quick buck with minimal effort.

In this comprehensive CB Passive Income Review, we will be taking a closer look at what the program promises and what it offers you as a consumer.

A Look At The Owner

CB Passive Income (CBPI) was created by self-made millionaire Patric Chan in 2013.

Patric Chan is the owner and face of CB Passive Income. According to the CBPI site, Chan is “an internet marketing pioneer” as well as a “best-selling author” of several books including Wake Up Millionaire and Clicking Cash: The Secret Of Clicking Your Way To Millions. He is also an international speaker who has taught his “strategies” worldwide through seminars and live training programs.

When first landing on the CB Passive Income site, you immediately come face to face with a picture of Chan all smiles while sporting a pair of sunglasses. Right beside his confident grinning face is a large call-to-action banner offering a free CB Passive Income online workshop. All you have to do is register with your email and select a time from a list of available classes.

It seems easy enough, right? Just sign up for a free class and this millionaire with a “rags to riches” story will teach you everything you need to know to make six figures with just a few clicks.

Little do most registrants know, they just participated in the same strategy Chan teaches his students for them to make money.

That strategy is called email marketing, which we will be going into more detail about later.

What Does Chan’s Course Offer?

CB Passive Income is a program designed to help people earn passive income through email and affiliate marketing.

Now in its fifth version, CB Passive Income has evolved over the years to offer users more valuable tools and resources along with a heightened experience. For example, version four introduced a click to opt-in feature for Facebook. This allows Facebook users to join a mailing list simply by clicking a button, greatly increasing conversion rates.

Patric Chan’s website contains loads of positive reviews and customer testimonials attesting to the success of his training courses and program.

In his “free” online course, Chan promises to teach his subscribers how to become top affiliates in the internet marketing niche. His course offers a step-by-step guide to what Chan calls the “Elite System”. He shows users exactly how to set up their website and start creating content pages, and claims that you can be on your way to generating passive income online in as little as three hours.

However, like with most email affiliate marketing, you sign up for a “free” service, or in this case, course, before you are presented with the option to buy a number of products. This is how Chan makes his money and the strategy he will be teaching you to properly utilise.

CB Passive Income Review

You are then presented with the option to either pay a monthly fee of $47 or a one-time fee of $497. There are also a number of upsells you can select upon checkout at various prices. These optional bonus packages all offer extra content and tips for being a successful internet marketer.

CB Passive Income also offers users additional help through an email support system where they will answer any questions users may have. They also offer those that sign up for the program a 100% money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied after sixty days. However, it often takes several months' time to begin generating a substantial amount of visitors to a website.

Technically the CB Passive Income no longer exists, and it should really be called THE ELITE, but it's such a cheesy name, I refuse to do that. CB Passive Income v5, or THE ELITE is a revised version of CB Passive Income 1 - 4, so it's still a business in a box, with training, funnels, software and pages, but it now comes with a higher price tag and training.

Patric Chan’s Bold Claims

Let’s take a look at some of the bold claims offered by CB Passive Income.

Here are the things Chan says you DON’T need in order to start earning.

You don’t need to:

  • Write any content or sales letters
  • Create any products or programs
  • Provide any customer service
  • Send any emails
  • Do any research
  • Pay for any web hosting or email autoresponders
  • Have any prior internet marketing experience or knowledge

He even goes on to state that there is no need for you to do any work at all after your initial set up because he is doing all of the work for you. Chan claims he will do all the work needed to earn you passive income absolutely free.

How Email And Affiliate Marketing Works

A person can’t begin to understand how Patric Chan’s program works without first having a basic understanding of email and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate links are customised links used by influencers (or affiliates) that refer back to a seller's web page or specific product. The affiliate is the person who makes a commission when someone clicks on or makes a purchase using their personalised link. The merchant is the company or brand whose product is being linked to.

Both parties benefit from this strategy. Merchants (also called marketers) get a broader reach for their product and gain a larger audience which leads to more sales. On the other hand, the affiliate makes a small commission each time their link is used to make a purchase while they build a relationship with the brand.

Often times, brands, bloggers, and businesses will have a designated place on their website for consumers to join their mailing list. Brands can then send registrants promotional materials through email, encouraging subscribers to buy their products. By growing their mailing list, brands can reach a broader, more targeted audience while increasing revenue.

However, email and affiliate marketing only have limited earning potential if people aren’t visiting and engaging with these sites. This is why traffic plays a huge factor in the success of both email marketing and affiliate links. The more users that visit a site, the higher the potential they will convert to customers by making a purchase.

So how does CBPI work?

Through the email marketing techniques mentioned above, users promote Clickbank (CB) products and earn a commission off sales from affiliate links.

After signing up and completing the courses, users will be assigned a unique ID. Your unique ID keeps track of your individual data including traffic, the number of people signing up for email marketing on your page, and sales being made through your affiliate links.

Clickbank collects the information of users that sign up on your page including their names and emails. They then use this information to send recipients marketing and promotional emails. Users can send these promotional emails to their subscribers hoping they will make a purchase, which is how the user earns money.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that the user has no control over what products they are promoting. CB Passive Income users exclusively promote Clickbank products. So even if they have never used, or know nothing about their products, their passive income relies on selling these items.

Some consumers praise Clickbank’s products for being high quality, in-demand products that usher high conversion rates. Still, it’s hard to promote something you aren’t passionate about.

The Passive Income system works a little bit like a business in a box solution, so you can get access to lead pages, software, funnels and more

What Chan Doesn’t Tell You

While Chan may do everything else for you, what he doesn’t tell you is that without traffic, you are never going to make money.

Ask any business owner, blogger, or brand in any industry and they’ll tell you. Building a site, creating visually stunning pages and quality content, and throwing in some affiliate links is the easy part. The real challenge is growing an audience and driving traffic to your site. As mentioned above, without any traffic, there won’t be anyone clicking on affiliate links and making purchases, which means you don’t make any money.

So while Chan essentially does everything for you, he can’t magically drive traffic to your specific page.

While Chan does go over a few tips for generating traffic, this is the part that is ultimately left up to the user.

In addition to this, there are literally thousands of other people using this program with the exact same content, trying to sell the exact same products. The chances of someone randomly finding your page in a sea of numerous others are slim to none. Not to mention the fact that Google penalises anyone with “duplicate content”, therefore ranking them lower in search engines. This means these penalised pages or sites are less likely to show up on the first page when someone makes a search.

The real work that Chan never mentions is getting visitors to your page. But there aren’t many ways to drive traffic to a site lacking original content that are free. So what is left is to buy ads whether it be through Google, Facebook, or Solo Ads.

While Chan does offer some videos containing tips for generating traffic, they’re short and not nearly in-depth enough to thoroughly explain the complex methods most affiliates use.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, CB Passive Income is a legitimate affiliate marketing program.

While CB Passive Income is not a scam, it’s not a reliable, fool-proof way to get rich fast either. To anyone visiting the site without any prior business or marketing know-how, it sounds like an incredibly lucrative offer.

While Chan works hard to promote and expertly sell his product (CBPI), there is no guarantee he will work as hard for you and literally thousands of others for the same earning potentials.While this sounds like the deal of a lifetime on paper, no person, millionaire or not, is going to offer you an ongoing service for free with nothing in it for them.

If it really is that easy, why isn’t every person doing this and making millions of dollars a year through affiliate passive income? The catch is that you pay to “learn” this technique through Chan’s series of guides while putting your faith in a stranger to make you successful.

Chan’s courses briefly touch on topics relating to traffic generation including SEO optimisation, paid ads, and social media marketing.

All of which you can learn through FREE Youtube videos or blog posts online rather than paying for them in a class, or you can purchases cheaper courses that go into way more detail, such as Savage Affiliates.

The truth is, there is no legit get-rich-quick method.

The most reliable way to earn passive income online is to do everything yourself, starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Building your business from scratch is not only more fulfilling, but it’s more reputable than blasting copy content into thousands of emails. Plus, that way you are in control of what products you promote and which brands you choose to work with.

Being selective of the merchants you collaborate with is a great way to build trust between your business and your targeted audience. And trust leads to dedicated followers who turn into email subscribers. These loyal email subscribers convert to buying customers. Because despite what any online program would have you believe, people want to buy from a source they can trust.

Let’s briefly review the pros and cons of CB Passive Income.

CB Passive Income Pros;

  • The potential to earn unlimited passive income - But then again most affiliate marketing courses give that ability
  • A full money-back guarantee within sixty days
  • You will learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • You are given a free funnel (well, kind of like a business in a box)

CB Passive Income Cons;

  • You can only promote Clickbank’s products
  • You’re limited to what you can do
  • Hidden advertising fees
  • Expensive courses
  • Upsell of the Internet Master Course - An extra $100 A Month (WA Is Cheaper...And Better)

There are similar programs to this one out there that you can compare and check out. Some of these other programs allow users to promote a wider range of products or teach them how to promote a variety of products (some don't even narrow you don't to niches), which is good for both the user and the customer.

At the end of the day a good note to remember is: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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