The App Coiner Review – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

If you have read the guide to making money while at uni then you know there are at least 12 ways to make you some extra money while you do your studies. One of those methods just happens to be one that fits right in with the 21st Century, and that is App Coiner.

For this App Coiner review, I am going to give you some of the basics of how it r works, as well as give you some of the pros and cons, yes there are both and some extra info on the bits the marketing department failed to mention.

It's time start this review. If you want to see more of our reviews, then don't forget to check out the reviews sections!

What is the basic concept of App Coiner?

The 'too long didn't read' about App Coiner is that it's a platform that pays you to write reviews. Great, now onto the Pros and Cons?

Not quite.

Because there are not many services out there that actually offer you this opportunity. Sure, you can go to developers websites or become a games tester but that can be quite difficult to get gigs and the queues to join such sites can be huge!

So this is where App Coiner steps in. They provide you with that first foot in the door to give you opportunities and tools to write reviews about apps that you download, play or use and then either enjoy or hate. 

The major difference between App Coiner and other websites that are similar is that AppCoiner requires you to pay a one-time joining fee. When I joined it cost me $47 (but at the moment it's only $27 or regional equivalent) but I did also take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee (a little cheeky of me I admit).

Inside AppCoiner

How easy is it to use?

It took me around 5 minutes to sign up, as I said, I was required to pay $47 to sign up, which on the surface sounds like quite a bit of money.

After doing some research for this review I found that the other sites that offer similar opportunities either charge a monthly fee (anywhere from $10 to $60) or take a % of your review money (again anywhere from 20% - 40%). With that in mind, I felt having a one-off fee, that if I was unhappy with I could get refunded was just a bit easier in my eyes and more transparent.

Anyway, I moved away from the ease of use. After you sign up, you are provided with categories or lists of apps that are available for download and review.

You are also shown a members forum, and some instructions (I will come onto that in a bit)

What do I have to do?

Once you have found an app that you want to review, you go ahead and download it. Simple really. After a certain period of time, say a few hours or a few days, App Coiner will request that you write a review for the app that you downloaded.

AppCoiner Review

The review usually has to be a few hundred words, and again must be your honest opinion about it. Now, this is the bit that the marketing page doesn't explain.

You are required to have your own website. Yes, much like the one you are on now. Now, this website could be one that you built on WPEngine or even self-hosted via BlueHost but you are required to have one in order to put your reviews onto the internet.

And this is the bit that does annoy me about App Coiner and one of the reasons I decided to do a review on AppCoiner is that other sites are exactly the same, but charge you monthly fees for the privilege of running your own website and then giving you apps.

At least with this service, it is a one time fee, and if after 30 days the free website that you set up (hey you could even use Wix or similar!) doesn't generate you any request a refund and leave.

I believe this is the part most people do not realise, many believe you create your reviews inside of App Coiner and they dish you cash straight out.

So, how do I get paid?

App Coiner provides you with your own unique link for every app that you download and review.

This unique link is called an affiliate link and is used to generate you money. When you write your review you add in your affiliate links when someone comes to read your review, and then click on the link and they download the app, you are then paid.

So, in theory, you could earn $5 - $45 per app that is downloaded via your site, but it requires people to click on those links.

Can I earn really thousands per month doing this?

In reality it is highly unlikely you will earn that much a month. This is one of the main reasons user are quick to state that App Coiner is a scam.

AppCoiner Monthly Earning Potential

IF you create yourself a free website, using WordPress or similar, and you write decent reviews, perhaps writing one or two reviews a day AND you are able to bring in SOME decent traffic to your website, then I believe you would be able to in time make a passive side income, but you are looking at the $100 - $400 mark.

Again, that number requires the fact that people are finding your website, reading your app reviews and then clicking your links.

My final thoughts

I wanted to run through a few points for this App Coiner Review, and I wanted to ensure there was an even arguement for botrh sides, so here is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly;

The Good

  • Does give you a database of ideas that you can download, try out and then review.
  • Does also give you some tools and techniques on how to write these reviews
  • They provides you with the links to earn that affiliate commission, which you would have had to source elsewhere (if you even knew how)
  • It is a good starting block to get into the world of affiliate writing and commissions.
  • They do offer a 60 day money back guarantee
  • You can write the reviews, add your links and forget about them..

The Bad

  • You are required to have your own website
  • You are required to have decent or at least semi-decent traffic that is interested in apps that you are reviewing
  • You need some basic knowledge of SEO and marketing (though they do provide some of this)
  • The world of apps moves very quickly, a popular one this week may become unpopular the next, and people don't care about reading the reviews.

The Ugly

  • The earnings they tell you look to be unrealistic unless you are at a higher level with regards to ranking websites and getting decent traffic
  • They don't explain you need your own website on the sales pages

Other options

If, after all of that you have decided that AppCoiner just isn't for you, then I would recommend checking out my guides on DropShipping and how you can start your own e-commerce business with a tiny upfront cost (could be done for the same price as App Coiner).

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then be sure to check out some of the other ways to make money while at uni tips.

Or, you can read up on how to make your own blog and start earning your own money through Amazon or other places - It's seriously easy!

App Coiner




Ease of use




Number of Apps available


Realistic earnings



  • Good rate of pay
  • Number of apps avaiable
  • Easy to download apps and write review


  • One time fee
  • Can be slow to find apps to review
  • Require knowledge of marketing or SEO
  • You require your own website

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