Amazon Affiliates Review – What is it and how to get started

You have probably heard whispers of people making £££ ‘s per month without ever having to hold inventory and simply adding links to blogs or giving reviews of items?

No, I am not on about DropShipping. I am on about the fabled Amazon Affiliates.  Well, I am here to give you a little insight into this potential cash cow. Welcome to The OnlineStudents Amazon Affiliates review and starter guide!

Go on, what is Amazon Affiliates?

Let’s get right on with this then! Amazon Affiliates (actually called site stripe) is Amazon’s way of driving ALOT of traffic to its marketplace. It works much the same way as other affiliate programs, you provide a link to a product, Amazon then provides you with a juicy little % of that particular product.

Back in my day!

Amazon Affiliates Review - What is it and how to get started 1 amazon affiliate review

Amazon Affiliates has long been a cash cow for those clever marketers who are clever enough to create whole sites or shops based on the Amazon marketplace. Back in the old days of the internet marketplace, you could create a whole website (or e-commerce site) with images and descriptions of products, that would then checkout via the Amazon Marketplace. This used to be a lot easier when Amazon would allow you to keep people on your site, and just use the Amazon checkout process via Amazon’s own tools. This cheeky little store could be run without people even realising Amazon was behind it.

Sadly, the grey ages of the internet have come to an end, and you can’t easily throw up a website filled with Amazon products (try DropShipping if you want to do that kinda thing). Don’t get me wrong, you can still do it, but it’s no longer a seamless process that it once was. These days you will be taken to Amazon to check out and the drop off rate is a lot higher.

Amazon actually recently announced they would be stopping the distribution of ready-made Amazon Stores, so maybe this style is a little dead.

Right, how does this help me now?

Amazon Affiliates can still be used as a money making machine, if you adopt the right strategy.

These days that strategy is called ‘Reviewing Products’. You can learn more about building your own blog or website to do these reviews here.

Yes, this requires a ton more work, and actually means you probably have to write a few hundred words or even create a video, but doing so allows you to show your potential customers how you feel about the product, without throwing a ton of links in their face and telling them to instantly buy it!

This new method allows you to engage with your potential customer, offering them valuable insight into a potential product. I used to employ this method when I first started one of my gaming blogs. I could create a short 250 – 500-word review of a particular game, or gaming manual and then provide a number of links throughout the article. Someone would find a review for ‘Call of Duty 2’, give it a read and decide if it’s a game for them. I would provide a number of links throughout the article that would link straight to the game on Amazon, and then right at the end of the article add a link that said ‘you can purchase the game here.

The best bit about it was that Amazon gave you a 30-day cookie (a small piece of tracking code) that meant that even if the potential customer did not buy that particular game straight away, as long as they bought it within the next 30 days you would still get a commission. The even better part of this, it didn’t actually matter what your potential customer bought, you would still get a commission. So Gareth Gamer could read your review, click your link, and then 20 days later buy a garden hose, and you would make ££ from that purchase! Yes, that is the golden ticket that very few people realise about Amazon Affiliates!

Got it, how do I get started?

Easily, you can sign up via this link once you have signed up, you will be shown the Amazon Affiliate dashboard, which is pretty straightforward. You can choose to link to any product or page on the Amazon domain with relative ease.

Amazon Affiliates Review - What is it and how to get started 2 amazon affiliate review

Once you have signed up, you now have access to a potentially unlimited money-making machine. The links you create can now be shared across social media, in emails, to your work colleagues or embedded within blogs. if you are serious about earning money with Amazon, then I would highly recommend starting a review site, and start reviewing your favourite items.

Inside the Amazon Affiliates site you have a number of different ways of creating links, they can be embedded within banners, added to product images or simply created as standard links. One of the useful tools that will now appear above your Amazon account will be the Site Stripe

Amazon Affiliates Review - What is it and how to get started 3 amazon affiliate review

This handy little tool will appear on any page that you visit while on Amazon, if you find a product that you would like to link too, simply click the image or text and voila!

Amazon Affiliates Review - What is it and how to get started 4 amazon affiliate review

You also have access to a variety of other tools, such as a promotions and bonuses tab, that will show you all the current deals that Amazon is running – Great if you want to show your potential reader some juicy offers!

Amazon also gives you ‘widgets or prebuilt little banners or lists that can be added to your website. For example, if you created a review about a particular product you really liked and wanted to display others in a similar niche, you could add a widget to help you. Below are the widgets that are on offer to you!

Amazon Affiliates Review - What is it and how to get started 5 amazon affiliate review

As an Amazon ‘associate,’ you also get access to Amazon’s other products to promote. This can be really useful if you are creative, as you could tie in particular product reviews with images from TV shows or music playlists.

As an example, if you create a review or guide on how to use a squat rack, you could add images or pictures of famous actors who look like they spend their lives in the gym and then tell people it’s available on Prime! Another option would be to tell people your favourite music playlist and send people to Amazon Music. The possibilities are really quite endless, it just requires a bit of thought and creativity.

I would recommend that you look into joining the Amazon Associates / Affiliate network as it could really add a welcome boost to your income, without a lot of work required. Review sites or tutorial sites only need to be written once, and then kept up to date (or get people on Fiverr to do it for you) with new articles every couple of weeks, or even once a month. Once the article is written you can then move onto the next one, meaning that you build up the bank of links that you have pointed towards Amazon, forever expanding your potential reach of customers.

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  1. I found it really difficult getting into the Amazon Affiliate marketing, but I think I have finally found my little niche!

    This combined with your how to start a blog guide has been amazing, thank you so much!!!!!!


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