How To Find High Ticket Items To Dropship

When you think of DropShipping, you automatically think of someone selling a cute necklace, a set of low quality headphones or perhaps items of clothing. But some entrepreneurs make their living selling items worth $500+, so today we are going to look at how to find high ticket items to Dropship. 

What Is DropShipping?

DropShipping is a style of fulfilment that means a store owner never has to see, or touch the products that they sell. 

DropShipping Model - How To Find High Ticket Items To Dropship

It became popular due to the rise of automation through apps and platforms, and an increase in marketplaces and vendors willing to actually DropShip for their customers. 

As platforms such as Shopify have become more popular, and the ever increasing access to cheap advertising, or more targeted advertising through sites such as Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok these days. 

What Is High Ticket DropShipping

High Ticket Drop Shipping is finding products that cost, or provide $500+ in profit when sold. 

So it might be an item that is purchased for $700 on your store, and gives $500 profit, or can be purchased for $1000 and gives $400 profit. 

People will differ in the pricing, some will state they must be items sold for $$$$s before they are class as high ticket, but hey, there is no fixed definition and people change their minds, but for me personally I see it as giving at least $500 in profit and costing more than the little $50 things people usually buy. 

The concept is still the same as regular DropShipping, though finding those suppliers may be more difficult, more expensive or come with extra complications around insurance. 

How To Find High Ticket Items To Dropship

There are a number of ways of finding DropShippers who cater for high ticket items, you really want to ensure that the people you are dealing with are vetted, have correct insurance for transporting and dealing with these products and of course, are a legitimate company. 

This style of DropShipping IS different than your everyday $10 items, you WILL have $$$$'s on the line with multiple products in transit and people are less lenient or understanding when they have potentially spend hundreds, or thousands on items and they are broken, poor quality or get misplaced.

As such, you should really do your homework. 


A staple of the 'DropShipping vendors list' world, Salehoo have been around for a very long time, providing a platform containing vetted and verified lists of DropShippers, manufacturers and wholesalers. 

How To find high ticket items to DropShip - Salehoo Products

With money back guarantees if the vendors fail to meet expectation and over 8,000 suppliers and 1million+ items, Salehoo should be able to help you find high ticket items to Dropship fairly easily. 

The search functionality within the platform means you can find items that fit within certain price ranges, or even categories. Allowing you to narrow that list right down quickly and easily. 

Salehoo also provide access to suppliers from around the world, that means you are not just dealing with Chinese companies, you can find suppliers in the US or across Europe and Africa etc, allowing to go and see the products, or sort out favourable rates with companies closer to home. 

It costs $127 for their lifetime plan, which is well worth if it you are serious about DropShipping and wanting to do either high ticket, or just any type of DropShipping. 

Check Out Salehoo | Read The Salehoo Review 


One of the staples of any DropShippers arsenal is of course AliExpress, this marketplace is huge, with hundreds of thousands of vendors, tens of millions of products, if not hundreds of millions. 

The large majority of the products are made and sent from China, this will increase shipping times, and will also increase risk of damage, depending on the shipping method. 

AliExpress have started to show more suppliers from other countries, so you may be able to find a US or European suppliers, which may reduce the issues, but they are few and far between, especially if you are looking for really specific products. 

One thing to be careful with AliExpress, is that the quality of the items are going to be unknown for the majority of the sellers, I would definitely recommend either getting a factory/store review, or get products sent to you before you buy and dropship them. 

You will also want to check what shipping methods they offer.

How To Find High Ticket Items To Dropship 2 How To Find High Ticket Items To Dropship

So the product above costs around $300 - $700 to purchase, but they offer a variety of shipping options, allowing you to pay extra ($30 in this case) to get it delivered by TNT.

Taking a 10% hit on your profit margin to get an item delivered in 3 weeks or getting a full refund is pretty good, plus you know TNT are a good courier service, with a reputation on the line. 

The best part is, you can pass this refund guarantee onto your customers, you actually have a leg to stand on if the product arrives damaged (again TNT are owning it from start to finish, it's not going to go between 4 different couriers) and you have someone to speak to. 


A bit like Salehoo, they are a wholesale list provider, though they do specialise in wholesale a bit more these days. 

They class themselves as being one of the only places that you can find reputable wholesalers or DropShippers and have had a big push towards highlighting the big companies that they work with. 

WorldWideBrands also do a self certification on their partners, so a bit like Salehoo, meaning that if they get the certification then they are the best for a particular product, meanig you can look for a particular product on the site, and then be show partners that have got that certification. It does provide an extra piece of mind.   

If you are US based and you want to access that market or area more, then WorldWideBrands might be the choice for you. I find their website more annoying to navigate and the whole site outdated, but their suppliers are decent. 

They charge $299 for lifetime access, so a bit more expensive than Salehoo, but you can also split it into 3 payments if you prefer.

Check Out WorldWideBrands

Is High Ticket Dropshipping Worth It?

A question that does get asked a lot, is it really worth the hassle. 

You have to deal with much more expensive items, you may be out of pocket more, and cash flow can become an issue. Unlike ordinary lower ticket or lower cost drop shipping whereby you may be out of pocket for a few hundred $'s for the day or two, high ticket dropshipping could mean you are out of a few thousand $$'s for a while. 

The pro to this style is that you only need to sell a few each month, with a decent profit margin to make a nice income. If you make $500 or $1000 profit on an item, then for a lot of people 5 - 10 sold a month would be more than most people earn with their 9-5. 

As with any online business, it's worth taking the time to do your research, understand the risks and rewards and if this is going to be the one for you. 

If you can think of more ways to find high ticket items to Dropship, then drop them below.