How To Write An Amazon Review

One of the biggest challenges, or at least the most noticeable issue that people email me with or talk to me about, is that of how to structure, or how to write an amazon review. 

Possibly due to the nature of blogging, or article writing, some see it as a complicated or possibly confusing article style, that requires a very specific layout. From my own experience, I personally find them some of the easiest ones to deal with, considering a lot of them can follow quite similar paths. 

The following article is my own personal style of amazon product review writing, and how I like to structure my own articles. 

  • Intro / Summary 
  • Product Features 
  • Product Details
  • Good Points
  • Bad Points
  • Who May Use/Like It
  • Conclusion

Is it the 100% best way? In my eyes, sure, others may disagree, but it has done me well for the last 4 or so years! 

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How To Start The Article - Intro / Summary

There is also some debate on how best to start these types of articles, and the best place to add summary's, for me, it makes sense to have them here. 

A lot of people reading articles, have a damn short attention span, think 30 - 180 seconds of attention span. As such, I like to give them as much as possible + a link to the product, as quickly as I can. 

How To Write An Amazon Review 2 How To Write An Amazon Review

If you have seen articles on this site, you will get a rough idea on what I am on about. Take the Affiliates Secrets 3.0 Review Summary, it summarises key points out the product in question. I change the titles depending on the type of product. 

For example courses, I will always look at content and support, whereas a physical product I will switch them out for features and support. 

The beauty of this style, is that it means people can skip over if they want to read a more in depth review below, or they can instantly click through to the product if they decide they love what they are reading. 

Of course, the actual information will be added at the end of the review, as you may not have all of this thought out when you are writing your article. 

After this initial summary, I will create an 'intro' paragraph. Either talking about the background of the company (who are they, what have they done) and also explain how I found the product. 

How To Write An Amazon Review 3 How To Write An Amazon Review

Again, taking the Affiliate Secrets Review as an example. You should be setting the scene and explaining why you ever thought a review would be useful to someone. 

Did you see it in a store and think to yourself, I need one of them. Maybe you scrolled through Amazon, saw that it recently got released and was rising the ranks of the Top 10?

Getting Into The Details - The Middle Of The Review Article

After setting the scene, putting your summary block (or however you decide to create something similar) and your intro article, you should dive into the details. 

Your goal is to provide the reader with a high level overview of the product in question, and to give them a simple, easier to read list. It should be there to jump out and explain any differences or interesting features that make it good (or bad). 

You will also be talking about in more detail about certain product designs or features. I usually split these into the 'Good' and 'Bad' headers. It allows you to explain why a particular option works well, or possibly breaks the product in question. 

Product Features & Details

Physical Products usually have 2 distinct areas you will want to cover or talk about. 

  • Product Features
  • Product Details

Personally, I love to talk about the Product Features, as it explains to the end user in an easy to view format, everything that the item in question has. 

If you are in the Golf Niche, you may be reviewing or writing an article about Golf Balls, you may want to explain any special engineering details they have or particular technology that has been included. 

How To Write An Amazon Review 4 How To Write An Amazon Review

Of course, some products may be easier to create Product Features more than others.  

How To Write An Amazon Review 5 How To Write An Amazon Review

I would always write down as many details as you can and decide on if it should fit in features or details. You may find that you don't need to split it out, or you may want to name these headings slightly different. 

Next up, are the Product Details, I try to explain what the products are made of or if they are used for a particular reason. 

Taking the Golf Balls as our example, finding out that it has been created with a special skin, or that there are 338 dimples across the whole ball. It may also include the fact they are made with Ionomer & Rubber. 

Depending on your niche, it may be easier to have a single 'Product Details' or 'Product Features' header, there really isn't a right or wrong way to do this part. 

The Good & Bad

Let's be honest, this is what people actually care about, they want to know what people like, or dislike about the items they are trying to get information about. 

This is your chance to be brutally honest about the Amazon product you are reviewing. 

What makes this particular Golf Ball stand out from the crowd? When you used it, did it feel different to all the other Balls you have played with in the past?

Did the ball fly further, or bounce less (or more) than others you have used in the past. Maybe you really enjoyed the colours on offer, or the fact that the price is lower than others.

On the flipside, is the features or details that you didn't like. Perhaps the balls split as soon as you hit them, they felt cheap or all of the colours they sent where green, resulting in missing balls.

Again, this is your personal opinion and what you felt really didn't work for the product in question. 

I like to check through Amazon reviews, to see if I have missed anything, and if others have had issues with something I didn't. For example, the balls didn't split in half when you played a full 18 hole with them, but for Mr Adam all 6 balls he purchased split instantly. 

How To Write An Amazon Review 6 How To Write An Amazon Review

It's worth keeping that in mind, and explaining that others have had 'X issue' or 'Y Issue'. It offers a well rounded and unbiased review.

Summing Up & Finishing The Article

I have found that my summary paragraphs or headings can be anything from a few lines, to a few paragraphs. You will be providing a conclusion to the rest of the article, as well as explaining who may or may not like to use/purchase the product. 

Talking about the ideal user, lets your reader see if it will work for them. For example, you may come to the conclusion that the Golf Balls being reviewed will be great for amateur golfers, but if you are in the pro championship then this isn't for you. All of these details help your readers and increase the chances someone will purchase from you. 

You should also look at clearing up any questions that may have appeared, or providing your last thoughts.

You can also use the final 1/3 of your article to say if you would buy it, or if you have decided to skip the product. If you come to the conclusion that you hate it, or it may not be worth the price they have requested, then offer up an alternative.  

Note - Don't be afraid to add links to other products. You can make additional commissions from these types of links. If a reader has read your review, but decided they don't like the item in question, they may click an alternative and purchase that instead. You can also link to other reviews on your website. 

Conclusion - How To Write An Amazon Review Article

So there we have it, writing an amazon review article isn't as scary as you may have first thought. I like to build a template within Thrive Architect that has all the headers, review summary blocks and places to add images all set up for me. 

It allows me to essentially fill in the blanks, without having to worry about how the article will look and feel, because everything will be exactly the same across my whole website. 

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