6 Awesome Ideas To Blog About

One of the biggest questions please ask me when they start blogging, is "what are the best niche ideas to blog about"? The short answer is, anything!  

So here are our Top 5 Niche Ideas to blog about! Once you have found your niche to blog about, there are lots of ways to get started.

In all honesty, there is no limit to what you can blog about, people blog about anything from pencil cases to the latest tech and gadgets.

It all depends on what gets you going, what fires you up and makes you feel like you can talk about it. You need to choose a topic or a niche that you know something about, or you are willing to research and look into. If you don't then blogging becomes a bit of a chore.

Gaming / Computer Games

One of my favourite topics, because it's really close to me and a huge hobby of mine. I have enjoyed playing video games since I was a kid, and I don't think I will ever grow out of it.

Blogging about this area can be a lot of fun, especially if you are going to blog about new video games, or write about the latest tech in the games industry.

Games Controller

Getting into this niche also means you have the possibility to try out new games that you might not have played before, write reviews about them and tell people how you feel about them.

You can also look at giving commentary on how the Games industry is currently holding up, maybe you want to weight in on the recent issues with loot boxes, or how large games companies don't care about their players. 

Fashion / Outfit of the day

A hugely popular idea to blog about these days, the Outfit of the day is an online phenomenon mainly seen on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It essentially boils down to bloggers telling people what they are wearing, where the clothes or items are from, how much they cost and more.

It's a really easy and simple niche to get into, as long as you have at least some fashion sense!

Other avenues to explore with this niche is to blog about the latest fashion trends, mix it in with celebrities and what they are wearing, or just items that take your fancy. I recommend giving this blog a look, as she is constantly updating her blog with outfits of the day, random bits of fashion and general life posts!


This area of blogging is hugely popular, people love hearing and seeing other peoples adventures. Just look at some of the Instagram accounts that feature pictures of sandy beaches or beautiful forests. They all have hundreds of thousands of followers!

Running one of these Instagram pages, and then linking back to your blog can be a great way to bring in traffic (if you want other ways, be sure to grab your free copy!). Your blog can then contain information, reviews or just cool facts about the countries and places you have posted up. It can also be a great way to bring money into your blog through affiliate commission (linking to popular travel agents or booking websites)

Travel Awesome ideas to blog about


Another great idea to blog about is Food. Again much like travelling, everyone loves food. And again, you would have seen hundreds, if not thousands of Instagram pages, twitter accounts and facebook groups dedicated to food! People love to talk about the food that they have cooked, places they have eaten or even creating recipes.

You can get started creating your food blog quickly and easily, and it's one of the easiest ones to get going with. There are a number of different angles that can be taken when looking into the food blogging niche, including blogging about Health Food, or reviewing the dirtiest burger joint you have ever been too!

Beer & Ales

One of my favourite topics to blog about has to be Beer, it's really easy for me to write about both of those topics because I am a great fan of real ales and craft beers! The beer and ales niche has a huge cult following and people are always looking for reviews, peoples opinions and new beers to try.

Pub - Awesome ideas to blog about

Apps like Untapped have become massively popular as the craft beer movement has grown, meaning there is a huge 'untapped' audience base and readers!

Health & Fitness

This niche is probably one of the biggest areas for bloggers, again there is a huge audience for people looking to read up about the latest trends in health and fitness.

Some great ideas to blog about include blogging about workouts, new food recipes you have tried or even supplements you have tried. One of the second blogs that I started running was all about supplements, including reviews and the different costs of supplements.

Awesome ides to blog about - fitness

Bonus round

As a few bonus ideas for you to blog about, I have included a quick list of extra niches and ideas to blog about.

  • Hobbies
    • Train Spotting
    • Plane Spotting
  • Crafts
    • Woodworking & carving
    • Sewing & Knitting
  • Cars & Automotives
    • Car Reviews
    • How to build a kit car
  • Online Businesses
    • How to run a business

This list could go on forever, you really can blog about just about anything! If blogging is something you really want to get into, I recommend checking this article out. 

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