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We all start somewhere, and it all starts with a simple change. A desire to learn something new, a want to improve your surroundings or increase your knowledge and potential. I am a huge fan of the phrase

'why re-invent the wheel, simply improve it', and I stand by it. Learn from what others have succeeded with and find your own spin. 

If you are ready to start learning some cool stuff, click below, and let's go!

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What Do We Write About?

In-depth Reviews

We take the time to purchase, try out and review a variety of tools, courses, platforms and products. Allowing you to potentially save money and time. Each review is in-depth and honest. 


In this day and age, there are so many similar tools and products that we realised it can be confusing to decide which one to use. So we compare to find the best one for the job at hand. 

How To Guides

With 4+ years of experience with writing blogs, creating email marketing campaigns, running eCommerce stores and lots of other areas, we enjoy writing articles and guides to help you achieve your goal. Be it create a blog, create a landing page or send an email. 

Knowledge Articles

We love to write about the niches and areas that we are passionate about, providing knowledge and information about marketing, SEO, blogging and even eCommerce.

James - Avid Marketer


I'm James - Owner Of This Blog!

Yes, this really is me, I am not a random stock photo (What a rubbish stock photo this would be). I have been the sole writer on this blog since around 2017. 

I started this website after realising that the majority of people struggled massively when it came to starting their own DropShipping sites, especially WordPress based ones. I also wanted a place that I could write my own tips and tricks on making money while at University (offering some of my own money making ideas). 

Over time, this site has grown to include Affiliate Marketing, Funnels, Email Marketing and even blogging and SEO.

I hope you enjoy what you find, and I am always around if you fancy a chat, I don't bite. 

Recent Articles

Areas That We Are Interested In

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Affiliate Marketing

Imagine being able to market other peoples products, and take a cut or commission of the sale. Essentially that is the joy that is affiliate marketing. No need to own inventory, have your own product or even deal with people. 

There are so many ways to get into affiliate marketing, from free methods, low cost efforts or for those who have a few $'s to splash, paid for ways. Check out the article linked below to learn how to get started!

DropShipping Image

eCommerce & DropShipping

An style of online business that I loved for many years (before I moved onto Affiliate Marketing). For those who love the thrill of selling an item, sourcing cool new products or running their own store, this is the place for you to start. 

From finding tools that make life easier, high quality training or platforms that help you sell, you should find everything you need here.

SEO & Blogging Image

SEO & Blogging

Blogging and SEO go hand in hand, if you are someone who loves writing, then learning the power of SEO allows your content to be placed in front of the right audience without having to pay for traffic. 

If you want to learn more about blogging, or how to utilise SEO, then check out the link below!

Funnels and emarketing tools

Funnels & eMarketing Tools

Funnels, and email marketing go hand in hand, and the use of both styles is constantly growing and expanding their reach. 

Funnels can be used by a variety of businesses and niches, from store owners to lead generators. With new funnel building software and email marketing platforms appearing all the time, be sure to check below to learn how they work. 

Fancy Starting Your Own Blog?

After years of building websites and blogs, and learning the ins and outs of SEO and the best ways to get started, I decided to create my own beginner friendly training course. A super focused course + support group, hell bent on giving you as much information on research, creation and launching your own website. Click the link below to learn more

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