The Kibo Code Review

At this moment in time, this Kibo Code Review is just going to go over the information that I currently know, as the majority of the information is going to drop around the end of this year (2019 / 2020).

What Is The Kibo Code?

As far as I can gather from emails and speaking to the guys, the course is going to cover the eCom sector and show how to create highly profitable eCommerce stores.

Now, they have said that this will not be anything to do with Amazon or having to deal with Fulfilled by Amazon. They have also said they there will be no need to have access or involvement with warehouses. Which is interesting, as this takes out quite a huge chunk of the eCom game, and really does hint that something big and new is happening.

I asked them if it had anything to do with getting items from abroad, they replied that it had nothing to do with getting items from Foreign Suppliers and that I didn’t have to worry about inventory. Again, this is piquing my interest.

It really is taking out the majority of the common aspects of eCom and it sounds like they are suggesting this is going to be eCommerce, done differently.

I think 2020 is going to be a big year for eCommerce, especially as more high street stores are dropping like flys, so this could be a great training course to get on when it lands.

The reassuring part, is that they are currently running students and testers through these methods, and the feedback sounds impressive, and I am keen to get the next drop of information as soon as possible.

Who Are Steve And Aidan?

These guys are veterans of the eCommerce space, having dropped training courses and launching products since 2015. One of the biggest releases netted over $11m in sales..that’s quite impressive guys!

Aidan has been responsible for a number of these launches, the part that makes them so popular is because the actual sign up process is only open for a few short weeks. Sometimes a week.

That means they only take on those who are passionate and are ready to take the dive. It then means they can focus on that group of students, rather than having the give out generic training and move onto the next thing.

When Will Kibo Code Be Released?

At the moment, the date for release is set for January 28th, but as it’s around 2 months away, anything could change.

If you bookmark this page, then I will of course update this when I hear more about what is happening and when the dates are 100% confirmed!

What Did I Like About Kibo Code?

When I get more information about the product, then this section will be filled in.

What I Dislike About Kibo Code

When I get more information, I will be sure to do a full Kibo Code review so we can see the pro’s and cons about this exciting training.

Final Thoughts?

It’s currently too early to tell, and I will need more information before this Kibo Code review is 100% complete.

The guys behind the program have a solid track record of sales and successful launches and training, so it should be a pretty decent training program or mentoring class, the content itself is sound more and more interesting as the days go on, and I would love to find out more about the angle they are taking.

I look forward to finding more about the Kibo Code in time!

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